An Alfred Workflow

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Interact with slack through Alfred

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17 Mar 2021


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Open conversation with a contact in Slack

To start

  1. Download and install Slack.alfredworkflow
  2. Create a custom app for your team following these steps.
  3. Once you have your client ID and Secret, visit the address to generate a unique code for authentication in the Workflow:
  4. Launch the slack workflow with the parameter --add-client followed by the concatenation of the generated unique code and client Secret separated by semi-colons (e.g.: UNIQUE_CODE:CLIENT_SECRET). You can add several clients if you want to collaborate with several teams. You just need to repeat the two last steps. Example:

    slack --add-client 1234567890.123456789012|1234567890.123456789012.abcdef1234:1234567890abcdef1234567890abcdef

  5. Launch the cache refresh by taping the command --refresh. Example:

    slack --refresh

    The cache refresh may take up to several minutes depending on your organization size.

  6. Enjoy! Note: install the Packal Updater workflow if you want automatic updates.

How to use List channels or groups to open in the Slack app: slack <channel/group>

List users to open in the Slack app: slack <user>

Open a channel, group or user in the Slack app: slack <channel/group/user>

List messages from a specific channel, group or user: slack <channel/group/user>

Send a message to a channel, group or user: slack <channel/group/user> <message>

Mark all channels as read slack --mark

List the files within the team slack --files <search>

List the items starred slack --stars <search>

Search both messages and files slack --search <query>

Set the user presence (either active or away) slack --presence <active|away>

Create an app for your team

  1. Go to the URL and click on the button Create a Slack app.
  2. Give it an app name e.g.: "Alfred Workflow", select your team in the list and click on the button Create App.
  3. Note the client ID and Secret!

⚠️ Never share the client secret on the web or on public repository