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Alfred workflow to control Bluetooth

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01 May 2018


Mountain Lion
Snow Leopard
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Alfred Workflow - Bluetooth Control

Alfred Workflow to control Bluetooth. It can turn on, turn off, toggle and restart the Bluetooth radio and make Bluetooth discoverable and undiscoverable for other devices.

How to use

Intstall the workflow and type the bt keyword on Alfred followed by one of the commands, e.g. bt restart. The workflow will suggest the available actions based on the command and alias(es). A table of the available commands and alias(es) can be found below.

Command Alias(es) Description
on activate Turns on Bluetooth. If Bluetooth is already turned on, this command has no affect.
off deactivate Turns off Bluetooth. If Bluetooth is already turned off, this command has no affect.
toggle change, switch Toggles Bluetooth. If Bluetooth is tunred on, this command turns it off and vice versa.
restart reset Restarts Bluetooth. If Bluetooth is turned off, this command just turns it it on. Otherwise this command turns Bluetooth off for a brief period of time before turning it back on.
discoverable don, ond Make Bluetooth discoverable for other devices. If Bluetooth is turned off, this command has effect when Bluetooth is turned on the next time.
undiscoverable doff, offd Make Bluetooth undiscoverable for other devices.


  • Once the workflow has been imported, feel free to change the default keyword if you don't like it.