Make timestamps human-readable
updated 2 weeks 1 day ago

Manage your Pritunl VPN connections from Alfred.
updated 1 day 8 hours ago

Discover the philosophical question.
updated 1 month 3 days ago

Switch Bluetooth status
updated 1 month 5 days ago

Search the Flask documentation using Alfred and Algolia
updated 1 month 6 days ago

Search the Laravel Nova documentation using Alfred.
updated 1 month 1 week ago

This workflow provides the current value to buy some currencies like dollar, euro and pound in exchange houses at Brazil, based on information provided by Melhor Câmbio website.
updated 1 month 1 week ago

Search the Django documentation using Alfred
updated 1 month 1 week ago

Search and Open 1Password
updated 1 month 3 weeks ago

Open a new terminal and cd to current path of Finder
updated 2 months 1 day ago


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