uptime viewer - as simple as it get workflow
updated 3 weeks 3 days ago

Quickly Open Project
updated 2 months 5 days ago

Just a simple timer. It'll notify you as soon as the timer is over
updated 2 months 2 weeks ago

Pretty basic AppleScript to check/uncheck the box within System Preferences to 'Automatically hide and show the menu bar on desktop'
updated 2 months 2 weeks ago

Your audio on MacOS stuck or crackle? Try a restart of all audio drivers.
updated 5 months 4 weeks ago

Quickly find and copy iCloud passwords and OTPs to your clipboard
updated 7 months 1 week ago

An Alfred workflow for quickly use music in Apple Music
updated 9 months 1 week ago

Run your shortcuts from alfred
updated 11 months 1 week ago

kills the touchbar processes, so macOS can restart them
updated 11 months 3 weeks ago

A simple Alfred workflow for moving your dock's position to the left, right, or bottom.
updated 2 weeks 4 days ago


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