Files and Folders

Quickly open development projects in Visual Studio Code
updated 2 weeks 3 days ago

Opens a new AirDrop window in Finder, or brings an existing one to the front.
updated 3 weeks 2 days ago

Eject drives and then order computer to sleep.
updated 1 month 4 days ago

Allows you to quickly search for and open Bear notes from Alfred. It will search tags, note content, titles, etc. to try to bring you the best match.
updated 3 months 1 week ago

Search and open you projects or folders in VSCode.
updated 5 months 1 week ago

Open a project in PhpStorm or your favorite IDE.
updated 6 months 5 days ago

Show/Hide Hidden files on macOS without having to stretch your fingers into their awkward shortcut command.
updated 6 months 1 week ago

Create new file in Finder from clipboard contents.
updated 8 months 2 days ago

Toggle the visibility of the desktop on macOS
updated 8 months 2 days ago

Find files using Tembo 2
updated 8 months 2 weeks ago


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