Asana Tracker

An Alfred Workflow

Short Description

Create new tasks, mark tasks complete, and track the hours spent on each task

Last Updated

26 Nov 2020


Mountain Lion
Snow Leopard
Yes Yes Yes No Yes



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Run any command and follow the instructions for the setup.


If you want to generate reports of what you have done, you need to install QLMarkdown, a QuickLook plugin to preview Markdown files. To install it, open a terminal and run the following command

brew cask install qlmarkdown



Command Action
asn create Create a new Asana task
asn complete Mark an Asana task complete
asn start Start the timer for an Asana task
asn stop Stop the timer for an Asana task
asn cancel Cancel the timer of an Asana task
asn reset Reset Alfred's knowledge on an Asana task
asn report Show a report of what you have done. You can specify a time frame
asn set token Set your Personal Access Token
asn set workspace Set your default workspace
asn set project Set your default project

New tasks are created on your default project.

When you start a task, you'll be asked to select the field where you want to track the spent hours. Please note that when you stop or complete the task, this field will be overwritten by Alfred.

When you reset a task, the history that generates the reports won't be affected.


  • asn create feed the hamster
  • asn complete learn ballade no. 1 in g minor
  • asn start prove p=np
  • asn stop find the x
  • asn set project conquer the world
  • asn report week
  • asn report 8 hours
  • asn report 2 days