Edit With… A QuickCursor Alternative

An Alfred Workflow

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Select text in one app, edit in another then paste it back

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04 Mar 2014


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About QuickCursor

Altough I didn’t use QuickCursor because it was already unavailable due OSX sandbox, I find myself every now and then needing something like it.


You start typing in one application (e.g. a forum post, an email or a script in Apple Editor) then you realize you need a better editor or just want to type using your default text editor.

The common thing to do is select the text, copy it to the clipboard, open the text Editor, start a New Document then paste the content. After done you have to select the text, copy it to the clipboard then bring the initial application and finally paste the new content.

It’s not that hard but it can be faster...


  1. in the initial application optionally select some text
  2. bring Alfred and type the keyword editwith
  3. now select your text editor: just start typing to find it and hit return key
  4. the editor will be opened with the text you have selected initially or blank if there was no text initially
  5. after writing, bring Alfred and type the keyword pasteback (the workflow will select the text automatically)
  6. the previous application will be displayed and the text will be pasted back

In addition, the workflow saves the last used text editor so you can easily use it with a hotkey:

  1. Optionally select text in the initial application
  2. Hit the Edit with hotkey labeled “Copy” (the first one in the workflow)
  3. After writing hit the second hotkey named “Paste Back”. Done.

You can also utilize the keyword pastebbcode so you can convert markdown into BBCode and then paste to the initial application. It can be very handy if you'd like to write a forum post with your Markdown text editor. The conversion is based on Markdown to BBCode workflow. Check the supported Markdown syntax in the workflow help (keyword editwith?).

What’s new

  • First step keyword is now editwith
  • Paste back keyword is now pasteback
  • New Paste BBCode Back keyword pastebbcode
  • New Help keyword editwith?
  • Hotkey for paste BBCode back
  • Removed Alleyoop support

Alfred Forum Link: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1857-edit-with…-a-quickcursor-alternative-30/