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An Alfred Workflow

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Get App's icon from /Applications or App Store / Mac App Store

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18 May 2015


Mountain Lion
Snow Leopard
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Get App Icon


The Get App Icon purpose is to:

  • extract app's icon from installed in /Application folder apps;
  • extract app's icon from Alfred action extension
  • download app's icon from App Store and Mac App Store

How it works?

To invoke Get App Icon workflow:

  • use the icon keyword which will list all available in /Application folder apps; at top of results there is option to switch to online (App Store / Mac App Store) search that will search for typed app name;
  • use File Action Extract app icon on chosen app on your Mac.

The workflow behaves as follow:

  • when used with local application it converts app's icon in .icns format into .png using the biggest icon size (which is usually 1024 × 1024 or 512 × 512 px) and save it into Desktop folder;
  • when used with online application it downloads its icon in .png format (please read Tips also for further information).


As you know, iPhone as well as iPad app icons have rounded corners. But the downloaded files will be squares until you meet this requirement: you have to have installed PIL library for Python. If you don't have it, but want to, it is quite easy to install. First, you need to install pip — Python package installer by typing in Terminal (administrator password required):

sudo easy_install pip

After the installation of pip you can now install PIL library using this command:

pip install --user Pillow

And that's it. If you want to check if everything was installed properly run in Terminal command:


You will get into Python editor. Type there:

import PIL

If everything was made properly you shouldn't get any message, just get into new line.

Now you're done! From now on the downloaded through Get App Icon workflow icons from App Store will have rounded corners! :)

Release info:


  • initial public release