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29 Apr 2017


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  • .ende query Search for German translations of the English word query

    • Copy selected translation to clipboard
    • ⌘+↩ Open translation in browser
  • .deen query Search for English translations of the German word query

    • Copy selected translation to clipboard
    • ⌘+↩ Open translation in browser
  • glosbelang [query] Show/search list of supported languages (not all pairs are supported).

    • Copy ISO-639-3 code of selected language to clipboard
  • glosbehelp Open included help file in your browser

Other translation pairs must be configured (see Usage section below).

Feedback and updates welcome at the GitHub page.


Note: Search is (unfortunately) case-sensitive, so if you search for the German word "lager", you won't get any results. You must enter "Lager". Similarly, searching for the English word "Lager" will also return no results: it must be "lager".

Only English > German and German > English are pre-configured (using the keywords .ende and .deen respectively).

To translate English > German, use .ende query. Actioning a result (selecting it and hitting ENTER) will copy the translation to the clipboard.

Setting up other searches

To set up additional languages, you'll have to add your own Script Filter to the Workflow using the existing ones as a template (or just change the existing ones).

The Script should look like this (using French > English as an example):

python fra eng "{query}"

The languages codes (fra, eng) are ISO-639-3 codes. These are all 3 letters long, but many common 2-letter codes (e.g. en, de, fr) are also supported. To see a full list of supported languages, run python -t -l from Terminal in the Workflow directory, or use glosbelang [query] in Alfred to search the list.

About supports hundreds of languages (though not all translation pairs are supported).