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Convert between different units. No Internet connection required.

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15 Jun 2017


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Convert between different units in Alfred 2.

Alfred-Convert uses a built-in library to do the conversion offline.

Note: Currency conversions do require occasional Internet connectivity to update exchange rates. Alfred-Convert will otherwise work just fine without an Internet connection.


The syntax is simple: the quantity, the unit you want to convert from then the unit you want to convert to. For example:

  • conv 128 mph km
  • conv 72in cm
  • conv 100psi bar
  • conv 20.5 m/s mph

It doesn't matter if there is a space between the quantity and the units or not. Alfred-Convert will tell you if it doesn't understand your query or know the units.

Actioning an item (selecting it and hitting ) will copy it to the clipboard. Using ⌘+L will display the result in Alfred's large text window, ⌘+C will copy the selected result to the clipboard.

Use convinfo to view the built-in help file, view/search the list of supported currencies, change the number of decimal places shown in conversions, or edit your custom units.

Supported units

Currently, Alfred-Convert only supports the units understood by the underlying Pint library plus currencies and a handful of additional units.

Custom units

You can add your own custom units using the format defined by Pint. Add your definitions to the unit_definitions.txt file in the workflow's data directory.

To edit this file, enter convinfo in Alfred and select Edit Custom Units. The unit_definitions.txt file will open in your default text editor.

Supported currencies

Over 150 currencies are supported. See the full list on GitHub.