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Search the Laravel Nova documentation using Alfred.

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14 May 2022


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Laravel Nova Docs Workflow for Alfred

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Search the Laravel Nova documentation using Alfred.



  1. Download the latest version
  2. Install the workflow by double-clicking the .alfredworkflow file
  3. You can add the workflow to a category, then click "Import" to finish importing. You'll now see the workflow listed in the left sidebar of your Workflows preferences pane.


Just type nova followed by your search query.

nova resource

Either press ⌘Y to Quick Look the result, or press <enter> to open it in your web browser.

Changing Branches

The workflow supports searching the documentation of all branches: v1, v2 and v3. By default it searches the v3 branch. To search branch v2 simply type v2 anywhere in your query, like so:

nova resource v2


Originally I wanted this to be a fork of Bill Clark's Laravel Nova Documentation Search Workflow for Alfred which has a major issue that inhibits a user from opening a web browser window once they press <enter>. And because I worked a lot with Laravel Nova recently I figured it would be nice to still have a working Alfred workflow for Laravel Nova's docs. But since Bill's original Alfred workflow was written in PHP and I wrote mine in Python a pull request would not have made much sense.

Built using Alfred-Workflow. The search is powered by Algolia search.

The index for Algolia was compiled from the laravel/nova-docs documentation repo using a simple Python script I wrote.