Passphrase Generator

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Create random passphrases with Alfred

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18 Feb 2016


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Generate random passphrases.

There is only one keyword: "passphrase": you have the option of providing two arguments: the number of words and the max number of characters. The generator will extend the phrase as close to the character limit, but it will break only on word boundaries. If the arguments are bad, or if you do not provide any arguments, then the passphrase will default to four words with a maximum of 30 characters.

So, to create a five word passphrase within 25 characters, just type

passphrase 5 25

You'll get a discreet notification of the passphrase, and it will be automatically copied to the clipboard.

This workflow came about based on a question asked on the forums, and Ctwise wrote an initial Ruby script there. I've just modified it to accept arguments and have the max character length.

If you want to use your own wordlist, then look in the workflow folder for the file "passphrase_wordlist"