PERT Calculator

An Alfred Workflow

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Generates accurate time estimates based on optimistic, realistic, and pessimistic expectations

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15 May 2018


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This workflow provides a simple calculator to generate a three-point accurate time estimate. You provide the workflow with three time estimates:

  1. "optimistic" - if everything goes better than expected this could take as little as X time
  2. "realistic" - realistically I expect this task to take X time
  3. "pessimistic" - if many things go wrong, this task could take up to X time

Based on those three time amounts, given in hours and/or minutes, you will receive an accurate time estimate, as well as a “safe” or cautious time estimate.

You may want to read about three-point estimation and PERT.

Version 3.0

In this version I updated the workflow to handle the Sierra background process bug. Many thanks to deanishe for the "Fixum" workflow!

Version 2.0

In this version I've added a "Copy to clipboard" option in the results. I've also included information about the formulas in the results.