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Look up Pokémon info, moves, abilities and items.

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18 Jan 2014


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Features:   - Works offline.   - Pokémon Info:  + Types Example: "dex bulbasaur" Pro tip: Press Enter on the Pokémon type to use Super Effective! workflow and check the effectiveness of your attacks.   + Moves learnt by Level up Example: "dex bulbasaur lvl"   + Moves learnt by TM Example: "dex bulbasaur tm"   + Moves learnt by HM Example: "dex bulbasaur hm"

+ Egg Moves Example: "dex bulbasaur egg"   + How to evolve Example: "dex bulbasaur evo"   - Moves Info: + Type, Category, Description, Power, Accuracy, PP, Probability Example: "move psychic" or "move tm10" or "move hm02"   - Items Info: + Description Example: "item plate"   - Abilities Info: + Description Example: "ability pressure"

- Serebii and Pokemondb easy access: Open Serebii or Pokemondb for more info about Pokémon, Moves, Items and Abilities. Hold Option key: Pokemondb Hold CTRL key: Serebii   You can look up Pokémon by name (English or Japanese) or by national number.   Also, you can filter the moves learnt by TM, Level up and so on by type. Example: 'dex bulbasaur lvl grass' or 'dex slowbro tm fire'   Any feedback is welcome. Please, contact me if you find some mistake.   @MaximiliumM