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Open groups or sheets in Ulysses

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29 Jun 2018


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Alfred Ulysses Workflow

Alfred 3 workflow to search and create tasks in Ulysses. There is a discussion thread on the Alfred forum.


To install, download the latest Ulysses.alfredworkflow file and double-click to open in Alfred 3. Alternatively, download what should be the most recent version hosted on Packal.

Get help

  • u:help – Show this brief summary of commands

Open group or sheet

  • uf – Find a group or sheet based on internal content
  • u – Open group or sheet (cmd-return to drill down)
  • ug – Open group (cmd-return to drill down)
  • us – Open sheet

Pop open Ulysses Open dialogue

  • uo <arg> – Search for <arg> within Ulysses’ Open dialogue

Create or append to sheets

  • un – create new sheet with optional text (shift-enter to create in /Inbox)

Alfred file action

  • Use the Open in Ulysses file action to open text-like files in Ulysses
  • Use the Import into Ulysses file action to create a new sheet from text-like content

Configure view to open

  • u:setsheetview – Set the view for opening sheets with (defaults to ‘Editor Only’)
  • u:setgroupview – Set the view for opening groups with (defaults to ‘Sheets’)




  • Fixed to work with Ulysses 13


  • Fixed to work with unicode search strings


  • Fixed ‘uo’ command to work with renamed UlyssesMac application name under Ulysses 12 update


  • Fixed displayName KeyError exception that completely broke the workflow with Ulysses 12 update
  • Fixed an older issue with ‘un’ command


  • Fixed 100% cpu hang on Sierra with update of alfred-workflow to 1.25.1
  • Added uf command to find groups and sheets based on their internal content
  • u, ug and uf now use fuzzy search Ulysses’ path to groups and sheets
  • Added un command to create new sheet with optional text
  • Added an Alfred file action to open text-like files in Ulysses
  • Added support for Inbox items
  • Added support for local Ulysses (non-iCloud) items (still no external folders)
  • Added warning when no iCloud files found
  • Fixed race condition with uo command when Ulysses is not activated


  • Fix race condition where toggling view state fails if Ulysses is launching


  • Added feature to select view for opening items with and commands to configure
  • Behind the scenes the workflow now uses (not enough of) deanishe’s https://github.com/deanishe/alfred-workflow
  • Help now opens in Safari
  • ug command no longer lets user drill into empty groups


  • Initial public release

To contribute

To contribute to the workflow please fork on github: https://github.com/robwalton/alfred-ulysses-workflow .