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Search for and create tasks in TaskPaper 3

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27 Oct 2016


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Alfred Taskpaper Workflow

Alfred 3 workflow to search and create tasks in TaskPaper 3.


To install, download TaskPaper.alfredworkflow and double-click to open in Alfred 2. Alternatively, download what should be the same file hosted on Packal. There are discussion threads on the TaskPaper forum and Alfred forum.

Configure document and get help

Use the keywords:

  • d:setdoc to configure the TaskPapar document the workflow will work on. Most commands will prompt for this before they will work
  • d:choosedoc to choose the TaskPaper document the workflow will work on via a dialogue box (an alternative to d:setdoc that does not depend on Spotlight to find documents)
  • d:help to show a brief summary of commands and settings

View document

Use the keyword:

  • do to open the workflow’s TaskPaper document. (Also used to create a task —see below.)

Use the modifiers:

  • return to view the whole document
  • cmd-return to view the Inbox
  • shift-return to view the Stack (see below)

The do command, along with opening the configured workflow document, will also pop up the results of the reminder search in front of the document. This can be configured using the keyword:

  • d:setremind to view, change or disable the reminder search

Create tasks

Use the keywords:

  • do <task> to create a new task. (Also used to view the document —see above.)
  • domail to create tasks from emails selected in Apple’s Mail app.

Use the modifiers:

  • return to append tasks to a project
  • cmd-return to append tasks straight to the Inbox
  • shift-return to add tasks to the top of the Stack (see below)

Search document

Use the keywords:

  • dos to search for item and select
  • dop to search for and then focus on a project.
  • doss to select and apply a search saved from the document.
  • dot to search for and then append a tag to any current search. Use the modifier cmd-return to instead clear the search before appending the tag.

Use the modifiers on dos (search):

  • return to select the item in TaskPaper
  • cmd-return to toggle the @done tag
  • shift-return to toggle the @today tag

The Inbox and the Stack

The workflow operates on two special locations:

  • Inbox: Some commands will operate on a top level project called Inbox. This will be created if need be.
  • Stack: Some commands will operate on the stack. Technically this is comprised of all items outside a project, but for these commands to make sense these items should be grouped at the top of the document. New items will be added to the top of the stack whereas items added to projects will be added to the bottom.

Project resources

Projects may have external resources associated with them. These may be files, folders or aliases. They must be stored in the resource directory and are associated with a project by prefixing their name with that of the project. Case does not matter. The resource directory defaults to a location next to the configured TaskPaper document and shares the same name.

Use the keyword:

  • dopr to open resources associated with a project or to add a folder or alias resource if none exist.



  • Initial public release


  • Fix help command to work when no workflow document has been configured
  • Improve d:setdoc command so that it now shows all TP docs before typeing
  • Improve dop command to focus on projects properly in all cases
  • Improve search command to now show all items before user starts typing
  • Add autocomplete to script filters and fix icon references


  • Fix dop (project) command broken in previous release
  • Disable the remind screen feature by default
  • Add feature to toggle the @done or @today tag via the dos (search) command


  • d:setdoc now warns if Spotlight finds no TaskPaper files and suggesus d:choosedoc
  • Create new d:choosedoc command to choose a workflow via a dialogue box
  • Cursor now correctly moves from sidebar to editor pain when selecting an item
  • Fix ‘do’ command with no args to now open workflow doc rather than just bring TP forward
  • domail command warns if Mail app is closed and no longer creates an empty entry

To contribute

To contribute to the workflow please fork on github: https://github.com/robwalton/alfred-taskpaper-workflow