Convert decimal to hexadecimal number
updated 7 months 1 week ago

Open a folder in
updated 7 months 4 weeks ago

GitLab Project search for Alfred
updated 8 months 3 weeks ago

Get shortcuts for your tools
updated 9 months 1 week ago

cd to frontmost finder window and run pod install.
updated 9 months 2 weeks ago

Copies POSIX path of frontmost Finder window
updated 9 months 2 weeks ago

Hotkey for Secondary click for keyboard junkies
updated 9 months 3 weeks ago

Switch between or close iTerm windows, tabs and panes based on title and tty
updated 10 months 1 week ago

Increments the selected number by desired value
updated 10 months 2 weeks ago

Reconnect an android device for WiFi debugging
updated 1 year 4 days ago


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