LeetCode Search is an Alfred Workflow plugin for searching algorithm problems in LeetCode with custom options.
updated 3 months 2 days ago

Currency Exchange include BTC, ETH
updated 3 months 5 days ago

Statr a socket 5 proxy
updated 3 months 3 weeks ago

Alfred 3 workflow for controlling various adapters.
updated 4 months 16 hours ago

Opens a recent Screen Sharing profile based on your Screen Sharing history.
updated 9 months 4 weeks ago

Search Safari Browse History from Alfred
updated 10 months 4 days ago

Copies epoch times to clipboard. Support seconds and milliseconds format.
updated 10 months 3 weeks ago

npm packages quick search
updated 1 week 2 days ago

Lookup the vendor for a MAC address
updated 11 months 1 week ago

Switch between or close iTerm windows, tabs and panes based on title and tty
updated 11 months 1 week ago


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