Quickly play songs, albums, genres, and more in the macOS Music app
updated 4 years 2 weeks ago

This little workflow lets you show/hide the iTunes window either by using a hotkey combo or by setting a keyword.
updated 7 years 5 months ago

Queue up songs to be played next in iTunes from Alfred
updated 7 years 4 months ago

Toggles the shuffle option in iTunes
updated 7 years 10 months ago

Search iTunes Music Store for albums and songs
updated 8 years 3 months ago

Allows you to apply ★ and ♥ to your current iTunes track using hotkeys.
updated 8 years 4 months ago

Uses a hotkey to apply a rating to the current track. If it's less than 3, it's goes to the next track automatically.
updated 8 years 4 months ago

Seeks backwards & forwards in iTunes
updated 8 years 5 months ago

Just type: pl [song|artist|album…]
updated 8 years 7 months ago

Plays a random track from an album or podcast, or a random album from a genre
updated 9 years 7 months ago


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