Theme List

Material Design (Dark) for v3

My first theme, inspired by Material Design's Cool Gray palette. Follows all M.D. guidelines (padding, corner radius size, etc.)  [:D] For the complete experience, download and install the Roboto...

green on blurry black

  my desktop wallpaper is set to solid black - adjust the balance between the opacity (background color) and window blur settings according to your desktop layout. enjoy!  ...

Monokai Faded

A faded Monokai theme for Alfred.


These theme will make any developer feel like home!

Yosemite Big White Cyan High

Nice looking light theme with cyan highlightning and Helvetica Neue as font.

Yosemite Big White Blue High

Nice looking, elegant theme with large window, Helvetica as font and light blue highlightning.

Yosemite Big White

Nice looking, elegant and light theme with Helvetica as font.

Yosemite Big Dark Blue High

Dark theme with large partially transparent window, Helvetica as text and blue highlightning. Looks nice on Yosemite and above when dark themed.

Yosemite Neue Big

Light elegant theme with large transparent window and Helvetica Neue as font.

Not so Deep Grey Large

Light theme with large window, red highlightning and grey text.

Not so Deep Blue Large

Light theme with large window, red highlightning and blue text.

GreenMod Orange

Light theme with Helvetica as font and green highlightning.

Deep Orange Large

Light theme with orange text and green highlightning.

Deep Blue Large

Big-window light theme with blue text color.

Blue Yosemite Large

Nice looking theme following OS X Yosemite UI style.

DigitPanic Theme

A theme reminiscent of summer colors and the beach. 

Dark and Dim

Modified OS X Yosemite Dark to be transparent and have dimmer text and highlighting. For those who like working with low light and little glare.

mapure dark Material Design

Simple, clean and elegant theme in dark colors from Material Design.


Based on the gruvbox-light terminal color scheme

Sea Eye

Inspired by sea, sky, the Ishtar Gate of ancient Babylon. 

Green is Good

Greed is not good, but Green? Yes, it is good. Green is Good

French Connection

Colors which remind me of France and French culture

Pretty in Pink

Nice pink colors for those of us who want something light 

Easter Bunny

Nice light Easter egg colors


A small evil eye bead, ready for use.