Deep Blue Large

(Alfred Theme)

Big-window light theme with blue text color.


(Alfred Theme)

Based on the gruvbox-light terminal color scheme


(Alfred Theme)

This is a minor variation on my Pwnrs 2 theme I submitted. It has the blue text. I thought I would submit both.

Pwnrs 2

(Alfred Theme)

This is a theme I've been using for the last couple of years and have liked enough to avoid changing it.

Zenburn Light

(Alfred Theme)

Started with default Alfred light theme and then adjusted with Zenburn colors (from the Emacs port of the Vim theme).


(Alfred Theme)

Simple & clean. No visual nois. Just like a sheet of paper.


(Alfred Theme)

A simple and clean palette based upon Crye Precision's MultiCam pattern.

Tiny theme

(Alfred Theme)

Simple, minimalistic, bright and light.

Best used with blur.

Solarized Light Small

(Alfred Theme)

A light theme based on the Solarized colour scheme with smaller fonts.

Solarized Light

(Alfred Theme)

A light theme based on the Solarized colour scheme.


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