Alfred Today

An Alfred Workflow

Short Description

Loads a daily list of events from Google and/or Exchange calendars

Last Updated

21 Jul 2017


Mountain Lion
Snow Leopard
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Requires Alfred 3.1 or higher

The Today workflow will query an Office 365 exchange server and/or Google Calendar and pull out a list of Todays meetings.  If you use skype it will attempt to parse out a Skype URL.  You can see a preview of the meeting descritions with shift.  There are detailed configuration directions in the readme hosted on github

  • Activate today with today
  • Activate a tomorrow menu with tomorrow
  • Activate the configuraiton menu with tc
  • Reset menu options with tcreset
  • Debug menu dbgToday
  • Calendar selection in google tcgc

Does not support NTLM Authentication - Basic Authorizaiton only - and may not support internal exchange servers - only ones hosted in the cloud

Preliminary support for NTLM - currently untested because I do not have anything to test it on

For more details please read the README file on GitHub