Amphetamine Control

An Alfred Workflow

Short Description

Control Amphetamine from Alfred and keep your Mac awake.

Last Updated

10 Oct 2018


Mountain Lion
Snow Leopard
Yes No No No No



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Amphetamine For Mac

Use this workflow to control Amphetamine 4. This workflow is not compatible with earlier versions of Amphetamine.

Amphetamine is a little app that lives in your menu bar. With Amphetamine, you can effortlessly override your energy saver settings and keep your Mac awake.


Install Amphetamine from the Mac App Store if you don't already have it:



start session

Starts a session, unless one is already running, in which case you need to use the end session command first.

end session

Ends a session, unless the session is a Trigger session, in which case you need to disable Triggers. 

disable Triggers

Disables the Triggers feature

enable Triggers

Enables the Triggers feature, however does not enable individual Triggers that have specifically been disabled 

prevent display sleep 

Updates a session to prevent display sleep (session must already be running)

allow display sleep

updates a session to allow display sleep (session must already be running)