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A workflow to control your LIFX smart bulbs.

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03 Dec 2017


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LIFred is a highly customizable workflow for Alfred to control your LIFX smart bulbs from anywhere in the world.



Getting Started

  • Download the Alfred workflow
  • Import the workflow into Alfred by double clicking it
  • Get a LIFX client token

  • Open Alfred and type configure lifred without pressing enter
  • Paste your client token after the command configure lifred
  • Select Set Client Token and press Enter
  • You should receive a notification as soon as the token was set successfully.

LIFred Configuration

Title Description
Set Client Token You need to enter the client token and press enter to actually set the client token.
Show/Hide all Bulbs entries Shows/Hides the entries to control all bulbs.
Show/Hide individual Bulb entries Shows/Hides the entries to control bulbs individually.
Show/Hide Scenes Shows/Hides Scenes.
Show/Hide Power On Shows/Hides the function to power on any bulb.
Show/Hide Power Off Shows/Hides the function to power off any bulb.
Show/Hide Toggle Shows/Hides the function to toggle any bulbs power state.
Show/Hide Breathe Shows/Hides the function to let any bulb breathe a given color.
Show/Hide Pulse Shows/Hides the function to let any bulb pulse a given color.
Show/Hide Color Shows/Hides the function to set any bulb to a given color.
Refresh Bulbs and Scenes Refreshes all your bulbs and Scenes.
More Information Redirects you to a website that gives you more information about this workflow.

Using LIFred

LIFred itself

  • Type lifred to show all actions

    • If you want to use any action that needs a color as parameter, just enter the color separated by a space
  • Press enter to execute the action
  • You will receive a notification to check if the action was performed successfully.
  • Select Refresh Bulbs if you added a bulb or the any of your bulbs is not in the list.

Color options

All possible color options are listed here:

LIFred configuration

  • Type configure lifred

    • Show the items you need
    • Hide the items you do not need (all are shown by default)


If you have any problems send me an email: [email protected]