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An Alfred Workflow

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Quickly open any app in another language (e.g. Contacts in Danish, CoverScout in German…)

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31 Jan 2014


Mountain Lion
Snow Leopard
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As part of my job as product manager at equinux, I frequently tweak strings and messages in our applications. As most of our apps are available in multiple languages, it’s often necessary to check changes in multiple languages, e.g. to ensure that the string isn’t too long.

There are a number of utilities available that make it easier to launch apps in a specific language, however they all usually require a number of extra clicks and typically only work with apps in your Applications folder — making it cumbersome to open development builds that aren’t installed there.

I’ve written an Alfred workflow that will allow you to quickly open an app in the language of your choice.

How to use

Simply type the application name, choose the build or version you want to launch, hit the action key and then type the language.


Type “Mail” > action key > Type “German” > Enter

If you have any feedback, contact me on twitter, or via my website