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Capture, save to Dropbox, get Link and manage files and past links

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02 Mar 2014


Mountain Lion
Snow Leopard
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Take screenshots and manage files within a Dropbox Public subfolder.

Main features:

  • custom filename with constants
  • always use the last filename pattern (useful for a set of screenshots from the same theme)
  • capture screen, selection and window with or without shadow
  • optional 5 seconds delay
  • get URL to the clipboard: normal and shortened by bitly or
  • manage screenshots (that's why a subfolder in Dropbox Public folder is recommended): preview, get public link, upload to Cloud App, upload to imgru and all Alfred file actions
  • list past links then copy to the clipboard, paste or open in the default browser


Bring Alfred and type the keyword setupss

  1. Select the Dropbox Public folder: it is recommended to, first, create a subfolder into Dropbox Public folder, e.g. ~/Dropbox/Public/Screenshots/ so you can easily manage only the screenshots taken instead of all image files inside your Dropbox Public folder
  2. Type your Dropbox Public folder ID: go to your Dropbox Public folder, right click a file and select Copy Public Link, then paste it in a text editor and copy the number there
  3. Select the URL type to be copied to the clipboard (bitly and require registration and an API key)

Take a Screenshot

Bring Alfred and type the keyword ss then select the capture mode from the list.

Optionally type the filename. You can use constants such as $d (day), $m (month), $y (year), $h (hour), $n (minute) and $s (second). The last typed pattern is always automatically used.

  • Command key: set a 5 seconds delay before the screenshot
  • Option key: save the screenshot to the clipboard instead the folder
  • Control key: reset the filename pattern to the default one

Note that you can set hotkeys for all screenshot types.

Screenshots Manager

Bring Alfred and type the keyword ssm

You will see a list of screenshots and you can:

  • Return key: open the file
  • Shift key: preview the file
  • Command key: get link
  • Option key: upload to Cloud App (install the app first)
  • Control key: upload to imgru
  • Righ arrow: for Alfred file Action (delete, copy and so on)

Screenshots Cloud

Bring Alfred and type the keyword ssc

You will see a list of past links made by the workflow. You can:

  • Return key: copy the link to the clipboard
  • Shift key: preview the lined image
  • Control key: copy and paste the link to the topmost application
  • Option key: open the link in the default browser

What's New

  • Keyword ssc to list past links
  • List screenshots using Finder if Spotlight is not available