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Search, Create, Append, Preview, set Reminders... All within Alfred

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02 Mar 2014


Mountain Lion
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Alfred 2.0 workflow to search and create notes in Evernote.



  • ens to search in every note field
  • ens @ to search in a selected notebook
  • ens # to search notes with a selected tags

You can use ent (search in titles only) or enr (search in reminders) or entodo (search to-do notes) or enrec (search notes updated within a week) or enu (search notes with a source URL) instead of ens.

NEW: You can select multiple tags to fine tune your searching. Just add a second hash sign and select or type the tag e.g. ens #tag1 #tag2 :my query

NEW: In addition, you can select a single notebook then tags too e.g. ent @notebook #tag1 #tag2 :my query

Note that, if you want to select a notebook and/or tags, the query goes after the colon sign as seen above.


  • Return key to open the note
  • Shift key to preview the note
  • Option key to set a reminder
  • Control key to paste the note text content to the top most application
  • Function key to open the note URL
  • Command key to append text (from clipboard, selected text or typed) or selected file(s) in Finder. You can also use it to only add tags to a note. To do so, type or select a tag and don't type anything after the colon then select the source "Type a Note" in the next step e.g. enn #tag :

Note that Alfred Fallback Search is also supported (you have to add it in Alfred 2 Preferences>Features>Default Results, then click Setup fallback results button).


Keyword enn

You can optionally type the note title or, for a more complex creation, follow the syntax below:

@Notebook #tag1 #tag2 !reminder :Title

  • @notebook: after typing @ a list of notebooks will be displayed then select one or type it; the default will be used if omitted
  • #tags: after typing # a list of tags will be displayed then select one or type a new one (multiple tags are supported, type each one after a hash sign)
  • !reminder: after typing an exclamation point a list of reminder suggestions will be displayed then select one or type a custom reminder such as in 4 days or 05/01/2014
  • Title: at the end, after a colon

Note that items of the syntax are optional, however the syntax has to end with a colon, with or without typing the note title e.g. #tag1 :

Note Content Source

  • From clipboard
  • From selected text
  • Typed directly in Alfred (keyword typenote also available only for it)
  • From Safari or Google Chrome URL
  • From message(s) selected in Mail app
  • From file(s) selected in Finder app: you can create one note with files or one note for each selected files. Alfred File Browser also supported.


  • Return key: create a note
  • Control Key: create a note and open it
  • Command key: append text or file to a note
  • Option key: append text to a note with current date

How to Append

  1. Highlight one of the note content source e.g. From Clipboard
  2. Optionally type tags and a reminder e.g. #tag1 #tag2 !tomorrow
  3. hold command key and hit return key
  4. select a note from the list (search by title only) and hit return key


  • Message subject as the note title
  • Message received date as the note creation date
  • Message Link as the note source URL
  • A short header (e.g. sender)
  • A plain text version of the email content


Bring Alfred and type the keyword enpref:

  1. Quick Look: select Card (Evernote default) or HTML (entire note content)
  2. Search wildcard: select Manual (type an asterisk after the query string) or Automatic (may be slower)

What's new?

  • New syntax to create a note: @notebook #tag1 #tag2 !reminder :Title
  • Select tags and a notebook from a list or type them when searching or creating a new note
  • Create one note for each Finder selected file
  • Create a note from current Safari or Google Chrome URL
  • Keyword enu to search notes with a source URL (default action is to open the URL instead of the note itself)
  • Keyword enr to search and handle due/overdue reminders
  • Keyword entodo to search to-do notes
  • keyword enrec to search notes updated within a week
  • Search with a selected notebook and multiple selected tags at the same time e.g. ens @notebook #tag1 #tag2 :my query
  • Set a reminder (option key)
  • Open note URL (function key)
  • Append text or file(s) selected in Finder to a note from search feature (command key)
  • Append file(s) from Finder
  • Several improvements
  • Bugs fixed