Search the iTunes store
updated 9 years 9 months ago

Search the iBooks store
updated 5 years 4 months ago

Auto-suggest search results from multiple search engines and languages
updated 7 years 11 months ago

Search and Download pdfs and ebooks from Library Genesis
updated 9 years 6 months ago

Add some stock symbols for Alfred to check for you.
updated 9 years 10 months ago

Yet another alfred-pinboard workflow. It provides INSTANT pinboard search and various function
updated 8 years 6 days ago

Search for torrents, choose among the results in Alfred and start the download in uTorrent
updated 9 years 10 months ago

Open a random file from a given directory without repeating
updated 9 years 11 months ago

Perform a quick ABN lookup via ABR website.
updated 9 years 11 months ago

Searches Baidu from Alfred.
updated 8 years 11 months ago


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