Theme List

Pragmatic - Blue Steel

Pragmatism defined.   Blue steel variant. 


This is molokai theme for alifred. I'm waiting for your pull request!


Just very dark


Simply green and orange


Simply black and white


A theme that makes colors go pop, and makes window switching look wonderfully good!  Magoon is available on many different softwares like Visual Stuido Code, iTerm2 and much more. Check it out here: https://...

Launchbar Dark

A launchbar like dark theme


A simple, clean and minimal Alfred theme.

Dark and Dim

Alfred Themes are imported via a URI scheme. So, when you click on the + Import Theme link, the Alfred2 Preferences window will open, asking you if you want to import the theme. There are no files to download,...

VVV Dark Solarized (Compact) (Gray)

Dark gray compact theme.

VVV Dark Solarized (Compact)

I created a compact dark solarized theme to match my iTerm colors, so I thought I'd share it in case someone else was looking for the exact same thing!

Neon Dreams

It's a damn Alfred theme. 


With this theme, Alfred turns into a terminal console    

Alfred Subtle-Hacker Theme

Alfred Theme based on the Emacs subtle-hacker theme.


Based on XCode Dusk theme


Simple dark theme


a launchbar-like theme


A dark theme based on some Midnight themes that I've created. I'm personally using Roboto Condensed on my MacBook, but Avenir Next is the closest safe font I could find.


A minimalistic theme for Alfred.

Tales from the loop — Reload

Background/art by Simon Stålenhag

Night Vision

Black and Green theme for Alfred

Deus Ex

Alfred theme inspired by the modern Deux Ex palette

Frosted Dark

A small blurry dark theme.


A minimal blurry theme with smaller fonts and no padding

macOS Sierra

A simplistic theme that matches macOS Sierra's UI.