Hunter Douglas Platinum Shade Control

An Alfred Workflow

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Enables control of window shades via Hunter Douglas Platinum Gateway

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17 Apr 2015


Mountain Lion
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Alfred Workflow for Hunter Douglas Platinum Gateway

README for Hunter Douglas Platinum Control

Firstly, I would like to thank the folks at SmartThings and tannewt on github for their work on showing me how to build a alfred workflow and for sample dump of the tcp dialog and initial python code with the Platinum gateway respectively. Their appropriate license files are included in this distribution.

To use:

Step 1: Install the Platinum Control Alfred workflow

Step 2: open Alfred and

pl_update <gateway-ip>

if you have a really large installation, sometimes some of the windows and rooms were getting missed - I was unable to debug the python socket behavior to see why some of the data was missing. So I used an exec of nc (netcat) to get the data for larger networks. To activate this alternative method:

pl_update <gateway-ip> alt

If someone can figure out the bug in my code, please do let me know.

pls <scene-name>

runs a scene

plw <up|down|n> <window-name>

rolls a specific window to a specified position - can be up/down or a number n where n is numeric %age up you want the window - 100=up, 0=down

plr <up|down|n> <room-name>

rolls all windows in a room to specified position

pl <scene-name>

a synonym for pls as that is the most common usage