This simple workflow allows you to easily hide and unhide folders in MacOS.
updated 3 years 4 weeks ago

Get local URI for OmniOutliner, Web, OmniFocus, File, Evernote, Mail.
updated 4 years 7 months ago

A workflow to spin up local front-end web development environments. Ludicrously fast.
updated 4 years 9 months ago

Adds current OS X Selection to the Buffer
updated 6 years 10 months ago

Toggle dotfiles (hidden files) on macOS
updated 7 years 8 months ago

Opens directory in foremost window of finder in iTerm2.
updated 7 years 11 months ago

An Alfred 3 workflow which allows for the fast creation of new documents and folders.
updated 8 years 1 week ago

Open currently selected Finder (or Path Finder) window in Terminal (or iTerm2) and vice versa
updated 8 years 5 months ago

Alfred workflow to open a new Terminal/iTerm window in the current space. Holding the alt key, the new window will be opened in the current frontmost Finder folder.
updated 7 years 9 months ago

A quick shortcut to send screenshots on the Desktop to the Trash.
updated 9 years 4 months ago


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