Fuzzy search across folder subtrees.
updated 5 years 2 months ago

Designed to help with building Alfred workflows efficiently. Shows the last Alfred workflow you were working on at the top of the list. Same with the data folder.
updated 7 years 8 months ago

Create a notification using Sticky Notifications (app)
updated 7 years 9 months ago

A workflow to use the DwellClick program from Pilotmoon.
updated 7 years 9 months ago

Select text in one app, edit in another then paste it back
updated 7 years 9 months ago

Convert Markdown to BBCode
updated 7 years 2 months ago

Generate a google hangout link via Safari or Google Chrome and place the hangout URL in your clipboard
updated 7 years 9 months ago

Contains a PHP Quick Tester (<? md5('test')) and quick (local) PHP Documentation search
updated 6 years 3 months ago


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