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An Alfred Workflow

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Lists and installs the most recent applications from your Downloads folder

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17 Mar 2014


Mountain Lion
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Alfred App Install

Install your downloaded Mac OS X Applications right from Alfred 2.


Alfred App Install searches through your ~/Downloads folder and lists installable Objects like .app or .dmg in Alfred, sorted by most-recent downloaded. Upon selection, it will automatically install it to your /Applications/ folder.

How to use

The script will run through the supplied paths and list all supported filetypes, sorted by most-recently-downloaded, so that new applications will be on top. It will then install (copy) all .apps to your /Applications/ folder, overwriting any existing app (think of 'upgrade'). Depending on your pressed modifier, it will then delete the source.

The search path and installation path setting can be configured inside the Workflow (see: Settings).

As Keyword:

  • Simply type install into Alfred
  • Select the Download and install with Enter (using CMD-Enter will delete the Download after successful installation)

  • You can filter the list of results by entering a substring after the keyword

As File-Action:

  • Select a supported File in Alfred
  • type install

Supported Filetypes

App Install will find and install the following files:

  • Disk Images .dmg:

    • Will automatically mount and unmount the Image, installing all .app and .pkgs inside.
  • Archives .zip:

    • Will extract the zip to a temporary location and install all .app and .pkgs inside. If the zip does not contain any installable files, the zip will not be extracted.
  • OS X Installation Packages .pkg:

    • Will open the Graphical Installer
  • Individual Applications .app:

    • Will copy them to /Applications/
  • Alfred Workflows .alfredworkflow:

    • Will open the Workflow in Alfred

How to install

Download the workflow. If you want to develop or build the workflow yourself, clone this repository.


Alfred App Install currently lags a direct configuration through Alfred, but some of the settings can be easily changed inside the workflow.

Search Path

To edit the search path, i.e. the locations where this script looks for installable files, you need to modify the Script Filter. In the Edit-Dialogue you should see the following code:

from alfred import list_installables


list_installables(query="{query}", paths=PATHS)

To add for example ~/Desktop as a path, you simply need to add him into the list like this:

from alfred import list_installables


list_installables(query="{query}", paths=PATHS)

Please don't forget the comma at the end of the line and the single-quotes around the path.

Installation Prefix

To change the installation path (prefix) you need to modify both Run Script Actions. (One of the Actions is for normal (Enter), the other one for (CMD+Enter))

from alfred import install

install(query="{query}", prefix='/Applications/', overrite=True, remove=False)

To set a new install location, simply change the value of prefix='/Applications/' to something else, for example prefix='/Users/NAME/Applications/' to install to your own User Directory (substitute NAME for your username).

Please be aware, that the Prefix is only used for .apps, .pkgs will install to the location specified in the opening dialogue.


Current Version

  • v1.0:

    • Complete Rewrite

      • Now uses an individual library for the installation (
      • New Icon by metalcabana
    • Bugfix: Symbolic Links inside .apps should now be preserved during installation.
    • Feature: Filter results by entering a substring after the keyword

Earlier Versions

  • v0.4:

    • Ability to install .pkg-Files
    • Ability to find and install Alfred.Workflows
    • Some bug fixes
  • v0.3:

    • Fix Symlinkproblem in Zipfiles
    • Add ability to delete Download after install (by pressing ⌘-↩)
  • v0.2:

    • Add ability to install from *.zip-Files
    • Show all possible matches instead of only one
      (This is still sorted by most-recent)
  • v0.1:

    • Initial Release

Support and Contribution

If you find a Bug or if you have a feature request (i.e. additional filetypes) please open an issue on Github.

License and Credits

This workflow is inspired by the Alfred v1 Extension from Christian Schlensker, but written completely new. It uses the alp-Python Environment for Alfred and the send2trash Module. The Icon was designed by metalcabana on deviantart.

Alfred App Install, including and are licensed under the Simplified BSD License (see LICENSE).