Get dates in several common formats
updated 2 days 3 hours ago

Manipulate strings on your fingertips.
updated 5 months 2 weeks ago

Quickly open development projects in Visual Studio Code
updated 1 year 4 months ago

Returns HTTP status code information on the website
updated 3 months 2 weeks ago

An Alfred Workflow to Quickly Search the PHP Documentation
updated 2 years 8 months ago

Retreive salts from the Wordpress Salts Key Generator and save to the clipboard.
updated 3 years 2 months ago

A simple workflow for fast access to your iOS Simulators and apps. It saves you time during iOS development when you have to deal with Simulators' folder structure.
updated 1 year 7 months ago

Same behavior as the right click menu on a workflow. Saves you time if you are developing workflows
updated 4 years 4 months ago

Cleans Xcode's Derived Data folder. Icon thanks to Huu Nguyen.
updated 4 years 10 months ago

Alfred workflow for documentations
updated 1 month 3 weeks ago


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