Manipulate strings on your fingertips.
updated 3 years 4 months ago

OCR & Translate using multiple interfaces for Alfred Workflow.
updated 7 months 2 weeks ago

Translate words or phrases using Google or Microsoft Translate.
updated 7 years 4 months ago

Flips typed text upside-down
updated 9 years 3 weeks ago

Searches through contacts and calls or texts them depending on input.
updated 7 years 1 month ago

An Alfred Speed-Reader
updated 9 years 6 months ago

A workflow that allows Alfred to interact with all parts of iMessage
updated 7 years 1 month ago

Workflow for tokenizing different text value input, and converting them back to a string with multiple syntaxes. It was basically thought as a text exapander to convert space separated works into quoted comma separated values.
updated 10 years 1 month ago

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