Material Design (Dark) for v3

(Alfred Theme)

My first theme, inspired by Material Design's Cool Gray palette. Follows all M.D. guidelines (padding, corner radius size, etc.)  [:D]

For the complete experience, download and install the Roboto font and use/change it on the theme for all text! Roboto Condensed is used for the Result Subtext.

Dark Mode

(Alfred Theme)

An minimal Alfred theme inspired by the Dark Mode in OS X Yosemite. Best used with blur max.

Have fun.



(Alfred Theme)

Random name for a pretty theme

Giba Light Blue Theme

(Alfred Theme)

Simple and elegant light blue theme.


(Alfred Theme)

Azure is a beautiful white-blue theme focused on providing a crisp modern feeling.  

Clear Light Mind

(Alfred Theme)

noun, \ˈklir • ˈlīt • ˈmīnd\

1: A crisp, clean, modern, (dare I say sexy even?) very easy on the eyes theme that looks great with almost any background. Doesn't show off too much but it's not entirely shy either. This theme probably won't bring you inner peace or make you one with the universe, but it may just make you one with your Mac...well, and Alfred of course! And it could just be me, but I swear I could see Alfred smiling every time I use it.

2: In Buddhist teachings, our deepest, most subtle level of mind - one whose nature is non-dualistic and naturally blissful; state of pure consciousness that in many ways is the basis for enlightenment or self-realization.


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