(Alfred Theme)

Snow theme for Alfred

Paper (v3)

(Alfred Theme)

This theme is a fork of Paper (v2), by Florian Pircher

This updated version features slightly wider spacing and clearer selection highlighting in a subtler off-white shade, retaining the same elegant aesthetic.


(Alfred Theme)

Simply black and white

Yosemite Big White Cyan High

(Alfred Theme)

Nice looking light theme with cyan highlightning and Helvetica Neue as font.

Yosemite Big White Blue High

(Alfred Theme)

Nice looking, elegant theme with large window, Helvetica as font and light blue highlightning.

Yosemite Big White

(Alfred Theme)

Nice looking, elegant and light theme with Helvetica as font.

Deep Blue Large

(Alfred Theme)

Big-window light theme with blue text color.

Una Vez Fui

(Alfred Theme)

White, blur, min


(Alfred Theme)

Simple & clean. No visual nois. Just like a sheet of paper.

Alfred Expert

(Alfred Theme)

Here's a new theme I conceived as something of an experiment.

You won't see anything you type, just a single result (you can still use the up and down keys though). For power users only!


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