updated 6 years 9 months ago

This alfred workflow shows next departures from beautiful Istanbul's bus service İETT. It uses data from İETT's website.
updated 7 years 6 days ago

A simple workflow designed for apps to be relaunched/restarted or quit.
updated 7 years 1 week ago

The missing Alfred Workflow for searching ganks(干货) in
updated 7 years 2 weeks ago

Evernote notes as snippets in Alfred
updated 1 year 4 months ago

Alfred workflow to search Safari history
updated 6 years 10 months ago

Alfred workflow for documentations
updated 1 year 5 months ago

Search for React Native on JS.Coach
updated 7 years 1 month ago

An Esperanto dictionary
updated 7 years 1 month ago

Searches your LaTeX documentation using texdoc
updated 7 years 1 month ago


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