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Package Manager Repo Search

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03 Jan 2017


Mountain Lion
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Quick package/plugin/component (repo) lookup of for your favourite package managers. Currently supports Alcatraz to Yeoman Generators.


pkgman cleardb: Clear local database cache files
pkgman cachedb: Update local database cache files

alcatraz {query}: Cocoa Packages
apt-get {query}: Linux Packages
bower {query}: Bower Components for JavaScript
brew {query}: Homebrew Plugins
chef {query}: Chef Cookbooks
cocoa {query}: CocoaPods can be upgraded to CocoaDocs by changing $apple_docs to true in the script.
composer {query}: PHP Composer Packages
docker {query}: Docker Images
gems {query}: Ruby Gems
gradle {query}: Java Gradle Packages
grunt {query}: nodeJS task-runner Grunt Plugins
gulp {query}: nodeJS task-runner Gulp plugins
maven {query}: Java Maven Libraries
npm {query}: nodeJS NPM Packages
pear {query}: PHP Pear Packages
puppet {query}: Puppet Modules
pypi {query}: Python Packages
raspbian {query}: Rasberry Pi Packages
rpm {query}: Linux Packages
yo {query}: Yeoman Generators

Action Modifiers

default: open README page url
cmd: copy name/id to frontmost app
shift: cope config file name/id and version to frontmost app

Additional Notes

All workflows require constant internet connection.

Workflows can break from time to time due to changes by the provider of the repo. If you notice a workflow stops working, post it at

All repos have caching enabled to speed up common queries. These caches are refreshed after 14 days and may take longer then expected to return results during update. You can force a cache refresh by running pkgman cachedb to re-download the databases (applies to alcatraz, grunt, cocoa). Alternatively you can run pkgman cleardb to remove all stored cache, but this isn't recommended. Clearing your cache is recommended after an update if the package manager you use had a bug previously.